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Am I worrying about nothing?

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  • Am I worrying about nothing?

    Hey everyone,

    I've had a cyst on the top of my right testicle for almost eight years now, and I have had it looked at twice by two different GPs and once by a urologist. The second GP visit was prompted by a significant amount of pain I was feeling in my right testicle (along with swelling) and lower abdomnial area back in April of this year. He referred me to a urologist who ordered an ultrasound of the testicles. He told me that the ultrasound had shown no signs of malignancy, and that the cyst that was present was a spermatocele. The pain I had been experiencing had gone away by the time of the ultrasound (about 3 weeks). Now, almost seven months later, the pain and swelling have returned to the same testicle and lower abdomen. Is it possible the urologist missed something in the ultrasound? Everything I've read has said ultrasounds are nearly perfect indicators when it comes to detecting possible malignant masses in the scrotum, but for whatever reason I don't have full confidence that nothing is wrong (well, at least from the cancer standpoint). I'm just worried that something smaller may have been overlooked the first time.

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    You seem to have been checked by enough doctors. If nothing else they certainly should be able to stop your pain. Chronic pain is a quality of life issue and it should be treated seriously. As for possible tc did they do blood work?
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      No, they didn't do any blood work, just took the ultrasound. The urologist apparently felt that blood work wasn't necessary. I did go ahead and make an appointment to see another urologist on Monday to discuss the pain and what might be causing it, hopefully it will go well.


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        I had an appearant cyst for more than two years. Two urologists said it was not TC. A third doctor agreed to remove the cyst after I complained so much.
        Biopsy confirmed TC.


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          Bruceba, how is that possible? They didn't make you a US if they're weren't sure? Was the "cyst" in your testicle or just attached to it? Everyone in everywhere says that a US can discriminate 100% a cyst from a possible TC, and in the case of "mass", then do a IO to be sure with a biopsy. And if it's just attached to the testicle, but not in the testicle itself (seen in the US), it's not supossed to be threatening...

          Please tell your history... it can be very helpfull.


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            I was about 43 years old and presented with a painful testicle. I saw a local gp and was told that TC at my age was unuasual. Antibiotics were prescribed and seem to help. Several months later the problem returned. I found a lump and an US was done in Florida. Doctor said it was not TC and prescribed more antibiotics. Pain was reduced but lump remained. After two years of this treatment I went to Canada. Another US and the Doctor did an sp(epidinectomy) A few months later with painful lump still there I pleaded with doctor in Canada to remove the lump. Lump was removed and i was sent home. Four days later a call from doctors office to come back immediately. After a biopsy
            it was determend that it was TC. Testicle removed,and radiation therapy. very rough couple of years.


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              Originally posted by bruceba
              I saw a local gp and was told that TC at my age was unusual.
              I wish doctors wouldn't say that. Testicular cancer at any age is unusual. It's true that it's the most common cancer in younger men — the incidence rate peaks in the 30s — but older men can have it, as well. See this link for details.
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