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Don't know what I might have.

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  • Don't know what I might have.

    My description is similar to someone elses though hopefully less jumbled. My left testicle is considerably smaller than the right. Though the right does not feel tender or swollen. (When self examined, smooth surface and bumps in the appropriate places.) The right seems as though it is sitting higher up for some reason. I can not find anything below it to indicate anything specific. My left I have noticed rough lines near the bottom. Though they do not feel like bumps per-se, they feel like small solid ridges. They are slightly tender.

    Edit: Is it possible these are vains? As I move it to other areas of the scrotum the texture seems to change. Also I will say that my left feels a little odd in shape. The back seems a little spongy.

    I do get a ache on my left side near my hip socket. Its that same ache you get when someone kicks you in the groin and it aches later. Probably a extreme way to explain it, but it feels like a mild version of that.

    Could all this possibly equal a hernia?
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    It definitely does not sound like you're describing a hernia. It is not unusual for one testicle to hang lower than the other, and a SMALL size difference is normal; however, you're describing a "considerable" difference in size between the two. The fact that you can feel solid ridges and a spongy area on the left testicle dosen't sound typical. I think a trip to the doctor (preferably a urologist) is a good idea, so you can get a professional evaluation.

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      Closer inspection that the ridges are really vains. I can feel that (since the extreme heat of the mattress warmer allowed my muscles to relax.) As far as what I can feel with my fingers, it doesn't really feel weird. Also sleeping past some of the paranoia has allowed me to think clearer.

      The reason I suspect a possible hernia is that for many years (I know... I probably should have gotten it checked out long ago.) when id get gas or stomach upset it would cause my scrotum to contract. This would cause that weird "just got kicked" feeling to be added to my stomach ache. About the only thing out of the ordinary I can feel is that I still feel a ache in my left side. I have always been overly sensitive in that area. If I rub it the wrong way while sitting or sometimes, since I sleep weird, it will cause that ache in my left side.

      I generally don't talk openly to people about this so I have no clue if this is normal. Since I cannot afford insurence or a doctor unless under dire circumstances, I have not walked into an office just to ask questions.