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"M&M" on Spermatic cord.

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  • "M&M" on Spermatic cord.

    Allright im 17, And for the past good bit of time i have known of a "M&M" lump on the spermatic cord... i say M&m because if i didnt know any better id say it was an m&m ( not a peanut m&m thankgod. )

    Ive finally became serious about it and i need advice... It feels no different from my testicles, texture and sensation wise.. and it doesnt seem to be growing although it has seemed to fluctuate in size, is it possible that it is a third testicle type thing.

    Basically i just need advice from more knowledgeable ppl, until i can see doctor. I am in serious relation so i dont want to take chances on anything.. i would still be serious if i wasnt in a relationship but this just adds to the urgency

    Any help could be greatly appreciated.

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    If its anything important i had a hernia as a child...


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      It sounds as though it's much more likely to be a cyst than a cancerous growth, but your best bet is to see a urologist to find out what it is and whether it needs treatment or can be left alone.
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