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Lumpy Epididymis?

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  • Lumpy Epididymis?

    On my left epididymis i have very distinct lumps and bumps. On my right its just one smooth epididymis. My left feels like it has more tubes and lumps on it compared to my right. I'm 15 years old and i'm very worried. I have noticed this for a while now. There are no bumps on my testicle just my epididymis. Please help me i'm very concerned.

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    Hey there,

    First and foremost get an appointment and get it checked out by a urologist. It does not sound like TC... mine was a bit swollen last uro visit too, and believe me, my uro would have brought me down to the ultra sound himself if he even remotely though something was out of the ordinary.

    An ultra sound is quick and non-invasive, just a bit gooey. When you go to the doc to get checked, tell him you are sick with worry and wan to put your mind at ease and want the ultra sound. More than likely though, this has nothing to do with TC (just thought I would reiterate).

    Good luck and don't get too worried, see a doc.


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      Thank you this helped me a lot. I will go to the doctor soon.