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Testicular cancer?? ...PLZ HELP!!

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  • Testicular cancer?? ...PLZ HELP!!

    Hi. I am 15 years old and recently notices a small lump the size of an M&M in my scrotum. It is a hard lump that does not sit on a testicle, but does seem to be attatched by some sort of chord. Its far enough away from my testicle that i can get fingers between it and the testicle. Is this cancer? please reply quickly! thanks.

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    Since it's not in or on the testicle, it's not testicular cancer. You still should ask your doctor about it.
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      thanks alot for your quick reply. It is not on the testicle but is undeniably attatched by a short chord. I am relieved because it seems as though the fact that it is not on the testicle made you confident in saying it is most likely not cancer. Im going to arrange an appointment with a doctor in the near future. Thank you again for your reply.