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TC or Cyst?

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  • TC or Cyst?

    About 6 years ago i noticed a a bb sized lump on my testicle..but i didnt think anything of it and i was too scared to go to the doctors..just this past year i been having back pains...but its been going on an off...then i started getting pains in my groin area which comes and goes. The lump hasnt grown much at all. Its still the size of a bb.
    If it was tc..shouldnt it have grown extremely??

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    In most cases the lump would have grown some and the fact that you have had it so long and are still living a pretty normal and somewhat painfree life I would think that it is not TC. More than likely a cyst or calcium deposit which both could also give similar symptoms to TC. Just curious how much longer you are going to Guess what is wrong with you or if there is anything wrong with you. The fear you have of going to the Dr. is normal,we all have it,and we are all scared we may hear bad news from the DR. Not going to the Dr. is going to drive you crazy wondering what is wrong with you. Oh ya FYI undiagnosed problems and diseases do have a tendency to become much larger problems when left untreated.Chances are you are just fine but do the right thing and go see a DR. Good Luck !!!!!!!!! DON
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