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Does not transluminate in epididymus?

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  • Does not transluminate in epididymus?

    I've had scrotal pain for a couple of months that comes and goes. Recently I can feel a small mass above my left testicle. I've had a cyst on the right side for years and I know how a flashlight can be shined thru to confirm it is a cyst (it's what the urologist did at the time and I did the same to compare to the left). I've done the same on the left and I can see a more solid area that's outside the testicle and seems to be in the epididymus at the top of the testicle. I can roll it between finger and thumb and it is sore and seems fairly solid. I've also read that TC in the epididymus is rare, or seems to be. What else in that area would not be translucent? Thank you!