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A little woried and could do with some advice

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  • A little woried and could do with some advice

    Hi i'm new here and first would just like to say hi to everyone

    I'm 12 years old and have a few problems i would like some advice on
    I have been having some small ache pains in my leaf testical and sometimes right i feels like i might have a small lump on the left but not compleat positive i also have stomach pains from just under my left rib cage and down low on my right side i have been having these pains for about 2 months now

    i went to go see doctor about it a month after i was getting pains and didnt mention about down below he said there was nothing wrong i find it kinda embarrassing talking about having pains in my testicals i'm getting there trying to spit it out to my mum but she sayings things like it's growing pains

    i do find standing up carms the pains in my stomach and testicals

    and in the morning it feels like it's all gone till about 15minutes later it's back

    could be a infection????

    sorry about the long message i just had to see some advice on what it could be


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    Welcome to our little family. Your mum may be right about it simply being growing pains. It certainly does not sound like something to be overly concerned with. Do you know why women live longer then men? From studies i have read it's mostly because when women don't feel well they see a doctor. Us guys try and tough it out and in the long run all those little problems that we don't take care of kill us. What I'm trying to say is that if you don't feel right get to a doctor, let him tell you not to worry don't try and be tough, mental stress is as bad a physical sickness. Get checked out again and let us know what the doc says.
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      Aaron- it's good that you asked for help with your problem; Dadmo is absolutely correct: mental stress is not something you want to burden yourself with, so talk to your mom again and tell her that you really think you should see the doctor. Once you get there, just take a deep breath, bite the bullet, and tell the doc what's going on with you--that's what he's there for--to help (and he's probably seen hundreds of testicles, so it's nothing to be embarrassed about)! And once you find out that you're okay, you'll feel a thousand times better! Good luck and let us know what happens!
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        Thanks for the replys guys i am going to go back to the doctor just atfer christmas and hopfully be albe to go in the the doctorts room on my own i will find it easy to tell him whats going on since it's a man it's harder talking to my mum cos .... you know what i mean it my dad doesn'r live with me so it's not like i can tell him

        Things are just getting harder for me lol first it's a huge math test now this