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    I have a small bump, (a little bigger than a bb).
    But, its not attached to a testicle.
    It's actually pretty far away from either of them.
    Is it possible that i should be worried, even though it's not attached
    to a testicle?
    It dosn't cause any discomfort, except very slight if i put a lot of pressure on it.
    When i discoverd it about a week ago, i didnt sweat it, but it hasnt gotten smaller. (a little actually, but not much).
    It seems like its right under the skin, (like a pimple on your forhead).

    anyway, i'm rambling. This might be a stupid question to ask, but better safe than sorry.

    Thanks for any responses. I realize you can't say for sure, but your guesses are definetly welcome.

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    It dosen't sound like cancer, since it's not attached to the testicle. It could be a small cyst in the skin. You'd probably be safe waiting another few days to see if it gets smaller. BUT if it is still there or gets bigger, get it checked by a doctor. Even if it's only an infected oil gland in the skin or something similar, it might still need to be treated.

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