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  • A few questions??

    Hello, I guess I have looked through a 1000 topics and have found many similar situations, yet none that really match with mine.

    I have 2, possibly 3 hard "pea sized bumps under the skin on the left side near the base of my penis, kinda in between my leg and penile area. It seems as if I have felt them on the right side at some point, but have been unable to locate anything lately. They do not seem to be attached to anything and kinda roll around. They are hard to locate sometimes but are always there. The aren't really painful, unless pressure is applied to them.

    I gather from the research I have done so far that these are most likely not TC and that I should see a doctor, which I plan to do as soon as possible. I guess I am just looking for someone who may have a similar situation that can share some information.

    I am 25, perform monthly, most of the time weekly self exams and have had regular yearly exams for the past 3 years.


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    Although I can't offer a real medical opinion, I would guess that you're feeling swollen lymph nodes in the groin, and I would second your self-recommendation to ask your doctor about this.
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      I thought that it might be this also, but it is lower, more at the base of the penis, but off to the left a little.

      I did see a doctor today and he seemed to think that they could possible be cysts and said it shouldn't be anything to worry about, but to monitor them and if there are any changes to let him know.