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    Hi im 16, Im not sure if its my epididymus but on my left testicle at the very bottom is a squidgy lump, its not round, its like a tube, i havent got it on the other testicle and nor have i felt it before, also a couple of days ago i have had a tingling feel in the testicle, does this sound like TC, im still worried and am going to the doctors ASAP, just wanted sume reassurance!

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    I forgot to mention its quite big and i just discovered it continues around the testicle like the epididymus, i think and hope its just the epididymus but for some reason i cant feel this on the other testicle


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      I suspect that it's epididymitis, an infection usually treated with antibiotics. The best thing to do is to follow through with that doctor visit. Let us know what you find out!
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