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I'm a bit worried

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  • I'm a bit worried

    I went to the doctor a month ago complaining about a little ball in my testicle sack. I can feel it in there. It's hard to hold because it moves when you touch it. It isn't stationary. Lately, I don't know if this is my paranoia or not, but lately both my testicles and my sides and back have been hurting. Almost like when you get hit down there. I made another appointment with the general physician so he can write me a referral to get an ultrasound. Last time I saw him he said it was nothing.

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    Hi, Ivan,

    This "movable" lump in your scrotal sac is unlikely to be cancer. Most likely it is a cyst of some kind. TC tumors are almost always ON the testicle itself (I say "almost" because I am not a doctor, but I have never heard of TC manifesting itself as a movable "floating" lump).

    You could be having the pain for a number of reasons, including the stress of not knowing what is going on. It is almost certainly nothing life-threatening, but you of course want to make sure it isn't something that requires some kind of treatment.

    Good luck, try to relax, though--it is probably nothing serious.