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Is pain something to worry about?

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  • Is pain something to worry about?


    Thanks for your time.

    To add a little history. Around a good few months ago now I went to my local doctor to get a small, really small lump (A little bigger than a pin head, slightly moveable) checked out. The lump is right next to the epididymis head. (Usually lumps on the epididymis are nothing related to TC) He checked it and said it was nothing but a cyst. I leave a happy man!

    Only recently (The past week or so) I've been feeling a slight pain in my testicals. Mostly the right testical where the cyst was found. The epididymis head also feels a little larger on the right testical. There are no lumps on the testis itself however there is a slight pain as mentioned above.

    The pain goes on and off and mostly is only noticable when I actually think about it. Now I'm wondering, is this pain due to a possible epididymis infection? I might add, the cyst itself is no bigger than it previously was. Just causing the pain... at least I think.

    Can I pretty much mark out anything cancer related? I'm planning to wait another week or so to see if the pain subsides before I see a doctor again.

    Slightly rambaling now! Any information would be great. Thankyou!

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    Epididymitis is one possibility, but I'm not sure you can rule out testicular cancer immediately, even if the chances are remote. You might want to consider asking for an ultrasound to be sure, since it sounds as though you didn't have one the first time.
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I did think it could be Epdidiymis myself, the smyptoms definatly lead to that, pain in the testical, slightly larger Epididymis than the other.

      You are correct, I didn't have an ultrasound before. It was actually a very quick examination.

      I'll give it a couple more day's and see how things are. If it continues I'll book in with a urologist this time around and not a doctor. Thanks for your opinion.
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