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  • Am i ok?

    I have a lump on my right testicle that i had checked out in July. At that point it was very small, and within a week of that chekup grew to teh size of a BB and since has stayed the same. It is located right near the head of the epididymis. I had been having very minor thigh pains for a while but they have no subsided (i think they may have been due to ACL knee surgery taht i had in late June). I was also having very minor back pains in November, but those 2 have gone away and i only have small pain occassionally wen bending over but i believe it is due to bad posture. I also have wat feels like swollen lymph nodes in mi groin (but i think one may be a knot from a shot during surgery, and i believe the swollen node would 2 be from surgery). So ive already had this testicle checked out and the dr said the lump was normal and that the testi felt normal back in july, and now all the symptoms are gone except the lump which i believe to be a cyst. Should i go back for another visit and possibly an ultrasound, or am i fine at this point?

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    Although you may be fine, it's best to call your doctor.
    right inguinal orchiectomy 6/5/2003 > nonseminoma, stage I > surveillance > L-RPLND 6/24/2005 for recurrence, suspected teratoma but found seminoma, stage II > chylous ascites until 9/2005 > surveillance and "all clear" since

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