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    Good morning TC forum,

    A few questions today regarding syptoms:

    About ten or eleven months ago, I started to notice some strange feelings in my right testicle. Or at least what I thought was my right testicle, sometimes the discomfort/pain was in the abdomen so it was hard to pin point. These feelings would come and go.

    Regardless, I did go to the doctor after about a month or so just to get checked out. When I mentioned Testicle his ears perked up and he got concerned, so he said "pull down those pants!"

    After a thorough exam he ordered my pants back up and said

    "okay your fine, they feel perfect"

    But, he is a good doctor so he said, nevertheless, why dont you go speak to a Urologist because he is a specialist in the field. So in July I saw the urologist, he listened to my symptoms and then did an even more thorough physical exam (I didnt think that was possible!)

    Upon completion he said "There is not a thing wrong with your testicles, infact they feel completely normal"

    So I must admit that was good to hear. I asked about an ultrasound, but he assured me there was nothing wrong. He handed me the "self exam" pamphlet and sent me on my way.

    Well Here I am close to a seven months since the urologist vistit, and I must admit I still get pain sometimes in the right testicle/abdominal area.

    A few other things to note are that sometimes when I wake up in the morning I have some pain in my lower right back, which clears up shortly after I am up.

    Also, after any strenuous activity I notice that right testicle seems to get displaced in the scrotum for a short while.

    Lastly, through the whole time, the testicles still feel completely normal. Same consistency, no lumps, no hard spots, both nice and squishy.

    Any ideas here? Suggestions?


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    Welcome AbsntFish,

    What did the doctor say about the "pain" you were having? Sounds like you made all the right moves in regards to getting it checked out. But if you are still curious, maybe get an ultrasound just to ease your mind. I'm sure that if your regular doc and the urologist says you are okay, then I would think you are all set. But if its still on your mind constantly, go get an ultrasound.

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      Urologist said pain and discomfort could be because of fluid buildup in all the plumbing and then he proceeded to tell me sex or masturbation would take care of it!

      GP also said my right side was a little weak in terms of a possible hernia, but then urologist said definitely not a hernia. Maybe something to watch out for in the future I guess.


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        Is is possible you could have a groin pull. I've done that and it caused a similar pain --- hard to pinpoint, but in the scrotal, lower abdomen, inside of the thigh area. These muscles are easy to re-injure and can take quite a while to heal. Also if there is a weakness that could lead to a hernia, prehaps surgery to reinforce that area is a consideration.

        But, remember, pain is NOT a normal state for the body. Do what you have do to get peace of mind. Even if you have to insist on an ultrasound or select another doctor. After all, it's your body and your health. If you don't feel right don't let a doctor convince you you're OK.

        Best wishes,

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          these are exactly my symptoms....i don't know what it could be because i don't feel any "lumps", just my right testicle has an aching pain for most of the day, and i get some cramps on the right side of my groin area