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  • Don
    Im not a doctor but if your feeling a bump and its burning when you pee I wouldn't be worried about a STI--I would be worried about SIF --As in Siphaluis!!!! Probably get clear up with some antibiotics-- You should get it checked---Good Luck-- DON

    PS: It costs 100's to 1000's of dollars for std treatment or 10's of 1000's of dollars to raise a child-- not to mention the possibility of risking you health--SOLUTION= spend $10 on a box of condoms

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  • maffu
    oh i know that... its just i linked a bunch of side effects i had to TC as well, and thought it could just be coincidence that i'd just been having unprotected sex, if you get me? and maybe it wasn't an STI..then i found the lump might all be psychological, i there an STI you can get that results in a lump on testicles?

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  • dadmo
    I certainly would tell the doctor, your not going to be his/her first that has a problem from unprotected sex. Is it tc I wouldn't think so, you can't get it from sex. If you could it would be more common, the things you can catch from unprotected sex are a lot worse then tc. No one wants to get aids.

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  • maffu
    started a topic k...

    k... i was in this relationship a while ago, and we had unprotected sex...we didnt see each other often, coz she lived far away..anyway, we decided to leave it, but thats not important..a few weeks after we broke up, it started to burn a little when i peed..being a kind of 'gah, it'll fix itself' kinda guy, i left it, and sure enough, it went - i've recently started feeling a pressure in my groin (?- i think thats right) and my balls kinda ached a little...i felt around, and theres a little lump that hurts a bit if i poke it...its not firmly attached the the testicle, i dont think...

    a few questions:

    could this be an STI? like a stage on from where it was?
    is it easily curable (if, indeed, it is an STI..)
    what are the chances its cancer?
    and how should i bring this up with my doctor? i've got an appointment booked tomorrow about the tightness in my groin, should i bring this up then? i probably should just not sure how to go about it..

    anyway, i can appreciate that the regulars on here may tire of answering the same questions over and over, any help would be losing sleep over this...

    edit: its my birthday on the 23rd, TC would deffinatly NOT be a good present
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