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  • Extremely Worried!!!

    Hi people,

    Funny thing but I feel kinda relieved that I found this site. I'm looking for some advice coz I'm driving myself a bit crazy here. A week ago Sunday I started getting a sore throat and feeling a bit run down and thought I was coming down with this bug that was going around. However on the Tuesday my left testical was very tender and painful. I thought I'd just squashed it or something while sleeping but a dull pain continued until Friday when I thought I should go to the doc. He told me that I had tonsillitis and he also said that he found a syst. Can this be TC or am I worrying for nothing? I must admit that I know very little about this subject and any advice will be hugely appreciated. Thanks

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    Welcome I'm glad to help. Your doctor is most likly correct, cysts are fairly common. All the doc would be checking for is to see if it's attached or part of the testicle and does it feel like a solid mass. If he was at all suspicious he would have sent you for an ultra sound. Just make sure you do frequent exams and notify the doc if you have any changes.
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      Thank you!!! that's put my mind at ease quite a bit. I feel a bit stupid because I didn't ask the doc any questions, as you can imagine I was a bit shocked at what he said. I think I was expecting him to say "It's nothing the pain will just go away", unfortunately the dull ache still remains. He wanted to do a urine test but because I'm on penicillin it would mask anything. So I now have to wait until at least Monday before I can go back, which is driving me absolutely crazy. I have a friend (who I haven't spoken to about this) who had TC and although I don't know details I believe it started as a cyst, which doesn't help me worrying. Do you think my best bet is just to go back and ask him these questions?


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        He's probably right that it's nothing serious, but if you want to be certain, you can ask about an ultrasound.
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          Thanks very much guys!!! I think I'll go back just for peace of mind. I'll keep you posted either way. Thanks very much again!!!