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What kind of doctor should my son go to see?

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  • nzsteve

    1 - A urology appointment sounds like a good idea, although your local/family doctor should be able to help in ruling out a few other things first - In my case I went to my local doctor, who after an examination booked me for an ultrasound, did blood tests and referred me to a urologist. Your best path probably depends on where you are and the the wait times for urology appointments (and I guess what they cost!).

    2 - If they suspect Testicular Cancer they would run blood tests for 'AFP' and 'HCG'. An elevated result in either/both of these could indicate cancer is present, although you can have TC and normal blood markers.

    Generally 16 would be young to develop TC, but youre doing the right thing by getting it checked out.

    Hope that helps,


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  • Jeff123
    started a topic What kind of doctor should my son go to see?

    What kind of doctor should my son go to see?

    My son is 16, and today I looked his x-ray pics for his legs and noticed that the shape of his testicals is a little bit different. Then I asked to see his testicals. I found that his right testical is a little bit bigger that the left one, and the location is further down. I know it maybe normal. But it worries me and I want to bring him to see a doctor.
    Questions: 1. What kind of doctor should we go to? Urology?
    2. Besides ultrasound, what tests (blood or urine) should we ask the doctor to conduct?

    Thank you very much for your help!