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    hello everyone, well im a 17 year old male who has never had any problems with this kind of stuff but maybe like a week ago i got this like burning pain in my penis at first i thought that it was only gonna last for the day but it didnt so i sorta got worried(this doesnt last all day it just comes and goes)...but i also feel this pain in my testicles but mostly in my right testicle but ive examined my testicles and it really doesnt feel like a feels like a bunch of veins just bunched up at the tip of my testicle but im not sure.. im not so scared though because i know that if it is tc the possibilities of bieng cured are like 70 to 100% but i would like some insight of what this might be......oh and i also wanted to know what kind of doctors i should see? help would be greatly appreciated!

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    It sounds as though it's more likely to be an infection than cancer, but you should talk to your doctor about it. You'll probably be fine seeing a general practioner, but the appropriate specialist is a urologist.
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      Welcome to the forum.

      Burning during urination is not a symptom of TC, but can be a symptom of other potentially serious problems, such as infections. It sounds like what you're feeling by your testicle is the epididymus, which is a highly coiled tube for sperm transport.

      You should go to a urologist as soon as possible, if you have an infection you need to get it taken care of right away.

      Best wishes,

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        well its wierd because my penis sometimes burns but it just doesnt happen when i urinate it also happens when im doing my own things but it comes and goes.....and my right testicle hurts but i dont feel any lumps i just feel this pain when i squeeze it my left one doesnt i dont know what this could be but i already set up an appointment with a urologist so they could check it out


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          Good job contacting a urologist. I agree with Scott and Fish it doesn't sound like tc but no matter what it is it needs to be taken care of. Again good job calling the doctor.
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            thank you guys for all of the support....just out of curiosity what are the symptoms for testicuar cancer...and what is the epididymus because what i feel doesnt feel like a lump it feels like nerves or something like that