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I dont think I have tc but...

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  • I dont think I have tc but...

    I was working out a the gym a few weeks ago and noticed some nut discomfort. I blew it off. Noticed the discomfort for a few weeks now w/ some abdomen discomfort as well and my lower back is killing me. Now I read that low back pain can be associated w/ advanced tc! Ive been checking daily for any lumps, bumps or anything different, but nothing. it was originally my right testicle but now both kinda ache. no real pain, no bleeding, swelling, vomitting, lumps. just achy nuts and lower back pain. but is has been about 3 weeks. unfortunately ive been holding off going to the dr. cause i have no insurance at this point. any help is appreciated.

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    Based on your symptoms, I would suggest you go to the doctor, insurance or not. If you do have TC, you want to catch it as early as possible. If you don't, you can sleep with peace of mind although it will cost a few dollars.
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