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    Hey i'm very new here but i was so worried i was looking for the first thing i could find short of a doctor that i'm going to see as soon as i can...Tonight i found a pretty big lump on the outside of my left testicul....ok there is no pain at all but i have read that there hardly is...i mean i just stumbled across this lump and was like omg. I'm 25 and i read that that is like the prime age for getting tc. ok this lump is like the size of a small grape, and it feels like it is on the front of the left seems for the most part firm but this size is what is making me so nervous cause i haven't noticed it there any possibillity it could be anything other than tc or what....i'm just so lost and can't see a doctor until Thursday...

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    Glad you found the forum. Sure there are things other then tc that might be causing the problem, the most likely would be a cyst. The lump sound rather large so your certainly right getting it checked ASAP. Keep us up to date on what the doctor says.
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      You may want to take the TCRC's question list to your visit.
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        Hey guys thanks for the response i'm gonna go get it checked out as soon as i a few more questions though and it might sound weird but i'm not sure...ok first on more inspection i have found that the lump is movable, i mean i locate it initially at the Epididymis but it will move when examining it.....second not only is it the size of a marble but it also isn't perfectly round it has a little knot on the side of it like a BB kinda like all the other people in here describe...and third i have a history of kidney stones and urinary tract infections could something like that cause this swelling...i also was a very clumbsy kid and took more that a couple shots to the boys could that cause something like this...i know you all aren't doctors...just want someone's opinion.