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  • dadmo
    I know you have a doctors appointment set up. Answers to your the question about tc can be found at this link Blood work can detect tc but they need to be looking for it, it will not be found in a normal blood screening. Just try and relax until your appointment.

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  • Johndan
    started a topic im back

    im back

    well hi guys......well im back with a new question becuase on examining my testicles i felt a little lump on my right testicle its fairly small...whenever i pinch it it hurts do you know if this could be tc??? or something else..and if it could be something else what could it be...o and do you guys happen to know if a blood test can detect tc because i had one like a year ago and everything was really starting to worry because i dont know how bad this could worried that this might not be curable and it could get driving myself crazy here
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