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    Hi, I was wondering what the exact symptoms would be...about a week ago i have been feeling a strain on the right side of my waist, right under the lowest part of my stomach.

    Last night, my right testicle starting hurting a little, and today it feels like i just got hit in the sack slightly and the feeling won't go away(very annoying)...

    It can't seem to find any growths on any of my testicles, but i'm not totally sure.
    the symptoms of a sports hernia seem very consistent, but i'm worried about tc as well

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    Any question about symptoms can be answered by checking the information at this link In general most people don't notice pain first, just a general heaviness of the testicle and when examined the testicle feels different then the other.
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      i don't really think this could be TC, i'm going to get checked out, but I was just wondering if anyone had info on what this could be...

      i have a small lump on both testicles but they are both at the same part(bottom- side), and they are the start of where all that squishy stuff gets connected(I assume everyone has this)....the right one just hurts a little when i touch it.


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        It's probably the tail of the epididymis. See the illustration on this TCRC page.
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          yes, that is it...but my right one is more sensitive and has like a tingly pain if i touch that related at all to tc, or what else could it be??