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  • Strange

    It seems I might be overreacting on this. I'm only 15.

    When I get my testicles out, I feel a sudden, but dull pain. It comes and goes almost right away.

    When I felt this happening a few times, I thought I might examine myself. I didn't notice anything strange about myself; I don't seems to have any other symptoms of anything serious, but I felt the same pain again a couple more times during the process. It seems moving my testicles causes the pain.

    This pain has only just appeared about a week ago. I don't feel it at school or anything.

    Please tell me what you think.

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    Hi Tau.
    Better safe than sorry, so why not ask? And there is no such thing as overreacting when it comes to your testicles!
    But I really don't know what you mean by:
    Originally posted by Tau
    When I get my testicles out,...
    Anyway, you are not a likely candidate for TC, so that's on the upside. On the downside is, that you worry and you have some pain.

    The only right thing to do, is to tell your parents and then go see a doctor.

    (At 15 there is a lot going on in your scrotum, so give it a couple of days of rest and then react if it continues.)

    In all instances, get back here with an update!

    Best wishes
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      I found a lump yesterday. Today I went to the doctor's to get it checked out. He said that there wasn't anything wrong, but he wants the opinion of anouther doctor. So on moday, I'll have to visit anouther GP.

      The lump is small, similar to a cyst. I found it on the top of my left testicle. The doctor thought it was a cyst or just the epididymis, but I'm still unsure. I can only find the small lump on my left testicle, I can't find it on my right.

      Please tell me what you think.


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        If there's some doubt, the best way to be sure is to have an ultrasound.
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