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  • A little lump

    I'm 16 and last night i found a lump which i found ages ago might have been over a year ago but i totally couldn't find it untill now and now i can locate it whenever i want to. The thing is that i've read all the symptoms and i havnt got any of them, the lump is smaller then a grain of rice and it dosnt hurt not even when i apply alot of pressure, the only discomfort i get is whenever my testicles contract during intercourse, is that normal?
    i'm going to call my dad about it because i remember him telling me about him having a TC scare but it wasn't anything, he's visiting his mom at the moment so thats why i havnt told him yet, luckily i put myself in the frame of mind to not be scared about going to see the doctor so there isn't much i need to know apart from the fact that this lump dosnt seam to fit the description of any I have found on the net?

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    Hi track14.

    You are absolutely right in calling your dad and letting him help you with this.
    There is NO reason to suspect TC - as you point out yourself. Still it's better to be safe than sorry, so go see a doc. Your attitude is great, keep that going for you.

    Best wishes
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      I agree with Jens. Odds are it's nothing abnormal, but since you're not sure, it's better to be cautious.
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        Ok so here is my story it may have been posted before but it sounds similar to yours...

        Ever since I had a little bit of discomfort in my genital region specifically the testicles I started doing the google thing online looking at symptoms of different diseases and came along to testicular cancer. I pretty much prodded around down there until my testicle began to hurt (searching for bumps). I noticed that the left testicle had a little swelling at the epididymis and and general discomfort from rubbing around so I visited the doctor...Went to the office and he examined me for a few moments and said

        "you are fine...They look fine he says to me...You do not have cancer he says."

        i feel good and relieved for the rest of that day but still the discomfort ensues and again I search for signs that I have tc...That night after the doctors visit I notice a small, literally tiny spot that is between the epididymis and the testicle. It feels roughly like a piece of sand or the tip of a pen or tip of a rice grain perhaps (that is how small it is). He must have missed it during the exam but its hard to find and you must touch it a certain way to even feel it....Question: should I be concerned about this or take the advice from my general practioner/doctor that I am fine?...Also does size of a bump make a difference? I have read this may be anything from a calcium spot to a cyst.

        I am a hypochondriac with a lot of anxiety (which tends to make my symptoms worse) I would appreciate it if others who have experienced this sort of thing to reply...



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          I am 25 as well if that helps any