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    About 2 or 3 months ago I posted a message that I was worried about T-C as I had a lump and one teste was bigger than the other (the bigger one being the one with the lump). So... you all purswaded me to go the Dr and have it checked out. I went to the Dr and he felt about down below and he said it was a cyst, an epidymis cyst I think he said. He said I shouldnt worry about it but he didnt say anything about how to remove it or how long it would last. Now, 2 or 3 months later I still have my "cyst" and am starting to worry about it. It has also got slightly bigger than before, it was about the size of one and a half BBs out of a BB gun (about 6 mm each so the cyst was about 9 mm) now it is about the size of two BBs, about 1.2cm to 1.5cm, so should I be worried, should I return to the Doctor? Starting to become really worrying now. By the way I am 15 going on 16 at the moment if that helps in anyway.


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    If I were you, I'd give your doctor another call, let him know it has grown and ask about an ultrasound. I wouldn't assume that it's cancer just yet, but I also wouldn't assume that it isn't. Play it safe.
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