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  • Urologist question

    Last year about this time I went and seen a urologist for frequent pain when urinating/ejaculating. I had to do an exam, a DRE, and a kidney ultrasound. He said it had a very slight chance of being cancer, but it wasn't very likely. He also ordered another ultrasound, but I had to cancel. I got sick again, and seen my normal doctor, who tried a urethra swab for an STD (negative) and a prostate massage before urination.

    Now they have asked me to see the urologist, AGAIN. What is the purpose of this appointment? They mentioned a ultrasound. Is it the kidney ultrasound again? Should they be checking for cancer? I have a pain in my testicles, but they usually only wory about the pain after urination. Are there any other tests I should mention or expect from this appointment?


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    Welcome, Maverick. Painful ejaculation can be a symptom of prostate cancer, but not as far as I know of testicular cancer.
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      Thanks for the welcome

      I see. What about the testicular pain? Would the prostate effect thas as well?