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    So I've had this ache in my lower abdomen and testicles for a while now. Its usually on my right side, but can be on both. It extends from roughly my belt line to my testicle to the top of my inner thigh. I got worried about cancer a while back and looked into how to do an exam. I've been doing a lot and never found anything, except a very soft lump above the left testicle which can move and is not attached to the testicle. So, since I thought the only symptom is a lump and I never had any that fit the bill I never did anything. Well, I was browsing webmd a few days ago and found that the dull ache I have is actually a symptom, though usually not on its own. Needless to say, it got me worried all over again.

    Basically my question is this: I have my yearly physical in the middle of April and will most definately express my concerns at that point. However, is it necessary to see a doctor before or can it wait that month and a half? In other words, does this one symptom by itself constitute an emergency?

    I sound a lot more composed on the issue than I am, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    As long as the ache doesn't get worse you should be fine waiting till April but make sure you tell the doctor about your concerns.
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