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  • I've got me a lump

    Hello. I am 15 years old 16 in less than a month. For almost two years now i have had a lump on the top of my right testicle. It doesnt hurt and I dont have any of the other symptoms for cancer. I was wondering if this might just be a cyst? I heard somewhere that cysts are usually on the top of the testicle and the cancerious tumors are towards the bottom. Can someone please help me? Thank You.

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    It's most likely a cyst, but just because it's not cancer doesn't mean you shouldn't get it checked.
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      Just to add to what Dadmo said-- Please don't be affraid to dicuss this with your parents.. Don't be embarrassed-- your parents will have a great deal of respect for you for sharing this with them... Tell them soon so they can schedule you for a DR. visit --- The exam will only take 20-30 minutes and will be painless!!!!!!! Good Luck!!!!! DON
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        yeah, ur best off going to the doctors...just tell your parents you want a check up ( maybe add, that u just wanna see if ur growing right)...or say sothing like, ur wrist hurts and you want the doctor to see it..


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          I am really curious as well I have a a pea shaped thing Right next to the chord thing but still on the testicle(on the right testical). I am all worried today I haven't paid it attention in a while. I had it the last time I was at the doctors but I don't think he noticed it because of its position. See He thinks I have varocosile (he said bag of worms) on the left one. he said no testicular cancer but, he was fresh out of school. Now this on the right how long is still early? It may have been there a couple of years.

          Whats the success rate, I don't want to die.


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            When it's caught early, cure rates are in the high 90s. Even in advanced cases, cure rates are good.

            It's highly likely that what you have is something much less serious than testicular cancer, but you'll need to bring it do your doctor's attention.
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