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Get checked...if it does turn out to be cancer

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  • Scott
    Welcome to the forums, Steve! I'm glad to hear you're doing well now.

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  • steve_k
    started a topic Get checked...if it does turn out to be cancer

    Get checked...if it does turn out to be cancer

    A year and a half ago I was in the shoes of many people in this particular forum. I am 21 and lost both my testicles. I am relatively young, still in university and I know what many people on here are thinking is 'what will girls think'. First of all don't worry. There are many options available to you. If you choose, can get a 'fake' testicle inserted to make it appear normal, I have 2 and they look and move just like the real thing but you should talk to your doctor about potential risks. Secondly, your semen volume will be the same with 2, 1 or no testicles(There is a possible exception if it spreads to abdomen), semen is only about 1% sperm (im fairly sure, feel free to correct me) the rest is a mixture of other fluids . Thirdly, your remaining testicle will likely make enough testosterone to compensate for the missing other one. Sometimes it doesn't and in this case you will likely have to rub this clear gel on your skin each morning to give testosterone. So essentially, everything can look and feel the same as if nothing happened. However, the key is to GET CHECKED AS SOON AS YOU SUSPECT ANYTHING ABNORMAL. Early detection is key to prevent spreading (like in my case) with can lead to much more serious issues, potentially fatal.