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    Im 15, and 2 or 3 years ago I noticed a small lump growing directly above my right testicle. Its not connected to the testicle its on the head of the epididymus and I have lived three years without it hurting, growing, or showing any symptoms.
    This is most likely just a benign cyst right?

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    Yes what you are describing sounds like a cyst. I would still go to the doctor and get it checked. Cysts can cause other problems.
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      yeah its most likley a cyst but yeah check with ur doctor, its only 1 akward moment...just tell ur parents you just wanna go for a check up.


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        Ok Im not going to worry with a doctor unless it grows or startsto hurt or manifest any symptoms. I did a transillumination test and the light went through perfectly, indicating that it is filled with liquid, non cancerous.


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          Keep an eye on it. It's best to have any lump in the scrotum checked out by a doctor.
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   still have a lump tho...don't you want that gone?


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              I remember skimming on some tc info site and it said that if its not on the testical its not testicular cancer, they mentioned what you are saying. It probably should be looked at because it could be an infection or something. It shouldn't be cancer though from what I just read.