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Just Turned 15... I have no clue whats wrong~

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  • Just Turned 15... I have no clue whats wrong~

    Okay, Hello. Im 15 years old, and I have found a pea-sized ermmm, ball at the top of my left testicle. The weird thing is, when i apply any sort of pressure to it, it sends a shooting pain a little bit upwards into my abdomen. It also just feels weird (It doesnt hurt, but it doesnt feel right) When I found it, I was like "Oh god, ive got TC", but i went online, and i read that In most cases the lump of TC isnt on top of ur testicle, and also, almost always there is blood in ur semen when it hurts, but there isnt any in my semen. My question is though, is this most likely a cist, or TC?


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    It's much more likely to be something other than testicular cancer, but the best thing to do is to see your doctor. If it should turn out to be cancer, you'll catch it early, and whatever it is, you'll feel better knowing you've done something about it.
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