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Avoiding parents possible?

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  • Avoiding parents possible?

    Hi, i'm 15 and have recently found a SMALL lump on left testicle(no more than 1mm wide). So i have 2 questions 1oes 1mm sound big enough to be cancer? 2: Is there any way to get a medical examination from a doctor without parental knowledge?

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    I don't think you should consider going to a doctor because of a cancer suspicion without one or both your parents.
    That's simply not right.
    So go tell them that you have a "thing" and would like them to go to the doctor with you. They will appreciate it much more than you think.

    Best wishes
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      This is my first post on a thread that isn't mine and since I'm
      a mother and grandmother, I am going to be stern with you!

      Yes, it can be and no you shouldn't go to a doctor without
      at least one of your parents. Please don't delay any longer.
      There's a good chance it's nothing, but why take the chance?



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        Please listen to Jens and Diane!
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          absolutely get it checked.

          hopefully, when you tell your parent(s) why you need to go to the doctor, they will appreciate that you are aware of your physical condition and that you make a conscious effort to monitor and maintain good health.

          definitely get it checked...and GOOD FOR YOU for checking....and continue to do self exams. you are acting very responsible by doing so, and it should be appreciated.


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            Ive finally worked up the courage to get it checked but my most feared obstacle is telling my parent(only have a mom which is even worse).So what would be the best way to hint that there is something i am concerned about "down there" and that i would like to see a doctor. Also i have never EVER talked about anything to do with sex with my mom and this is terrifying


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              Just tell you mom you're having some problems and you would like to get checked. I understand you're being uncomfortable but remember this isn't about sex.
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                I agree also. Maybe just tell your mom that you think something down there isn't normal and that you want to go see a doctor to be on the safe side. I'm sure she'll be very happy that you were able to tell her this and then you can get it checked out!

                Good luck and keep us posted.

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                  And your mom probably knows about sex anyway and
                  won't be shocked.
                  Please don't delay.



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                    I have to agree with everyone else.

                    During my first scare, I made the decision to tell my parents everything, even though we'd never discussed anything of a similar nature.

                    I'm not saying you have to explain every aspect, but at least fill her in with the bare essentials. There's no doubt that she will appreciate it, plus she'll be able to provide you with support if you need such.

                    Remember, she'll not think any less of you, or try to embarrass you, as this isn't an issue to sit on the fence about. If you think you have a problem, let her know, get it check and then deal with the consequences, which are more likely that not positive.

                    Good luck!