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i noticed one or two symptons i think. scared please help

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  • i noticed one or two symptons i think. scared please help

    Hi peoples
    well ever since last year or a while ago, ive had lots of acne on my scrotum and my penus. some i can pop but some i cant. now, im not really sure if some or acne or lumps. after i heard of TC from my science teacher, i went online to check for symptons and such. i checked my testicles (the things inside my scrotum) and i did not feel any bumps but there are bumps or lumps (not sure which but about the about 1/4 the size of a pea) on my scrotum. from what i read online, i might have some cysts. I dun feel any bumps on my testicles but on my scrotum.
    also, ever since i came to america and ate alot of junk food, ive had pretty large brests for a male but just yesterday, i noticed that my nipple rings got a little bigger, it looks a little swollen. im a 14 korean boy and im really scared that i may have TC. if it helps any, i am 5feet 7.5 inches and i way 160 pounds. people say im compact of fat as im not musclular but chubby.
    o and does a little above the hip at the back count as back pain? after i ran alot i started hurting there and im pretty sure its sorness but im not 100 percent sure.
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    TC is normally associated with a lump on the testicle itself, so it doesnt sound like cancer from the description youve given. The best thing to do if you are concerned is to make an appointment to see a doctor. The checkup is nowhere near as embarrasing as you think it will be, and you'll feel much better after youve been checked out.

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      What you describe sounds very unlike TC. It sounds like hair follicles. Does each one have a hair growing from it? I have these on my scrotum and penis and have been told by a doctor they are nothing to worry about. Do a search for 'Sebaceous Prominence' on google and you should find some answers.


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        NOthing you explain is consistant with TC.. Maybe it may not be a bad idea to check out some web- sites geared towards Dermatology !!!!! Good news is it sounds like your pretty healthy!!!!!
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