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Have I Got Cancer..?

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  • Have I Got Cancer..?

    Hey there,
    When I was about 11-12ish I found a lump on the top of my Left Testical. Of course, I didn't go to the Doctor cause I was too scared, and I still haven't. The Lump isn't hard but it isn't soft ... Its located on the top of my Left Testical ... And it seems to be loose, I can move it slightly in all directions but i can't seperate it from the Testical. It can be painfull at times. Im not sure if it is Cancer because it has been there for atleast 1 Year so that would mean I would be dead if it was Cancer ...?

    Do I have Testicular Cancer..?

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    What you describe does not sound like testicular cancer (the fact that it is loose, for instance), however anything that causes you concern or pain should not be ignored.
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