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Worried as hell please help.

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  • MRM
    One testicle a litlle bigger than the other isn't abnormal and the other things you mention don't have anything to do with testicular cancer. But always, if you're concerned, the best thing is to see a urologist, who is most likely to have experience with testicular cancer symptoms.

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  • jato4
    started a topic Worried as hell please help.

    Worried as hell please help.

    Ok, I'm pretty worried about this and not sure what to think.

    I'm 14 by the way.
    Since i had mumps which was about a year ago I've had three instances of pain in the groin area, one of which happenned when i had mumps. I'm not sure if it's in connection with mumps and i hope it isn't because i think it's very rare and means i couldn't have kids.

    I haven't found any lumps actually on my testis but there are lumps not connected (apparently that's normal?) but one testi does seem a bit bigger. I've also had my upper chest (breast tissue or whatever it is) get larger although I'm not sure whether in connection to do with when i started working out.

    I've recently also had pains slightly above the groin area, leading to going to hospital being suspected of appendix problems but go let out later in the day. I don't suppose it has any connection but thought i'd mention it.