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signs of TC maybe ? - Not worried

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  • signs of TC maybe ? - Not worried

    Hey everybody i have not been on here in a while! and first would just like to know how everybody is doing on here ?

    Well i story is

    back last year about september time i started to get stomach pains and testical pains but didn't think much of them just thought it was growing pains. I find it really hard to talk about this thing to my mum even thought i think she would take it serious. i did go see the doc but only went cos i told mum i had stomach pains and hintted that is was down below. done a urine sample and got tests back saying there was nothing wrong.

    about a few months ago stomach pains have gone and the testicle ache has got even more dull all i have sometimes is like a 2 secound sharpe pain nearly like the right side of my chest just under my rib cage but i don't get it often.

    the pain in my testicles is a very dull ache and i can easy forget about it and sleep fine. i'm not worried about it i'm trying to stay cool about it whitch i am

    i would just like to know like some of the main systoms of TC and how they test for it ect since i may think about going back to the doc and just say everything and have no fear.


    EDIT: i'm 13 years of age if this helps
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    The next time you see the doctor just tell him/her about your concerns. From what you described it's hard to tell if you have anything to really worry about but just tell you doctor and I'm sure you will be OK.
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      An Ultrasound would be one of the initial test for signs of TC.. Being 13 years old the chances of you haveing TC are very slim(not Zero)... if your doctor was at all concerned they would do an ultrasound... For common symptoms go to sign and symptoms of TC on the main page.......
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