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  • pre-surgery concerns

    Well, about a month ago, while seeing a doctor about varicoceles in both testicles and discussing corrective surgery options, he did a routine sonogram and a mass was found in my right testis. A 2nd sonogram confirmed and he suggested an orchiectomy. I needed a 2nd opinion because I couldn't just accept this shocking news without more verification. Fortunately, being in NYC, I have Sloan-Kettering nearby and was able to set up an appointment with one of the best experts of TC -- Dr. Joel Sheinfeld. The diagnosis was confirmed and I accepted the truth. I have my surgery scheduled for two weeks and have had a chest x-ray (normal) and tumor markers (normal) checked. CT scan was done this week and I'm awaiting the results. Obviously, facing the removal of a testicle is nerve-racking and I've been an emotional rollercoaster for the past month facing the reality of my situation. One question I have for now is is it worth getting a prosthesis? The doctor says that it's obviously entirely cosmetic and in my case, because I have had hernia repair surgery and most likely have scar tissue, the surgery as well as the placement of a prosthesis may be more difficult. Is it worth the trouble?



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    Be sure to search for "prosthetic" and read past discussions. There are guys who have them and are happy with them, guys who have them and wish they didn't, and guys (including me) who don't have them and are OK with that.
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      For what it is worth I didn't get one and I have no plans to have a fake one in the future. The choice is yours my doctor did tell me that insurance a lot of times won't cover them and they are not cheap. For the trouble the real one was causing me good riddens One less thing to worry about now The only thing I worry about now is Blood test, xrays and ct scans after it is done you won't worry about it you will be happy that the surgery is done and ready to move on. Good Luck
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