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  • Worried 16yo

    Hello, name's Tim, 16 years old and from Austria.

    I think it's been about 2 years, that I first noticed a 1cm^3 sized lump on the bottom of my right testicle. I went to see the doctor short after the I had found it. He explained to me, after ultrasound, it would be a cyst, which I could have gotten because of a cold, and recommended to use some sort of ointment. After a few days of usage the "cyst" really disappeared (which is actually not really cancer-like I guess) and I was happy to live a few weeks without the lump. But then it came again, but I didn't worry that much.
    After some time it became (a little) bigger and it did not hurt, but it was a unpleasant feeling when it got touched and now it even starts to feel weird on its own, when I'm lying in bed. Since about yesterday I started to worry about TC the first time, even if I think, that it's probably not cancer since it just disappeared once.
    So my question is, has anybody of you heard about or lived through a similar situation, or know anybody who does/did?

    (Of course I'm going to seen the doctor soon ^^)


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    Is the lump attached to the testicle?

    Have you checked out the self check video here ?

    Its good that your doctor review you with an ultra sound last time. If there is something there see the doctor again.

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      I had a similar experience. How long has it been since your first ultrasound? For me it was important that once I had an ultrasound to learn what your cyst is by feel of self-exam. Once you understand your cyst you need to contact your doctor if you have any changes. I eventually developed TC in the same testicle. The cysts for me were soft in feel where the tumor was hard. I hope this helps you.
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        Hello Tim
        I had such an experience. The cyst can really disappear. Cysts respond to treatment, but not all. All right, malignant tumors, do not behave like this. Most likely you have a cyst. It is possible that you are still growing. The bodies are still being formed..I hope for your recovery!!)