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Only 14 and worried

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  • Only 14 and worried

    I am 14 years old and I am worried that I have testicular cancer. On my left testicle it feels like a big vein is there or is really hard to explain. Not just one vein but it feels as if multiple big veins are there. Please help....I am very worried.

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    I know I'm not a moderator here or anything but I thought I'd let you know Matt... get it checked out. If you're like me, then the only way to get that slightest feeling that it might be something out of your head, you need to get it checked.

    I've been reading up on TC and it is a very rare disease. However, it can strike people of all ages at any time, so get it checked.

    Matt, what I'm doing, is going to the doctor's confidentially. I haven't told anyone about it and if it turns out to be nothing, I'm not going to tell anyone.

    I hope everything turns out OK with you, which with the chances being so high, they probably will.


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      That's a great piece of advise you gave Matt. Going to the doctors is never the wrong thing.

      What you're felling sounds like the veins inside the scrotum. Sometimes that mass of veins is described as spaghetti like. Follow this link to learn how to do a self exam Click here
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        Do alot of people get the mass of veins?


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          Sounds like a varicocele (varicose vein in the scrotum). Your age range is the most common for them and the left side is more common than the right. See url below, in addition to dadmo's, for info on varicocele. You really do need to get it checked by a doc just to be sure that's what it is and to get a baseline exam in case it starts causing you discomfort.

          A varicocele is the swelling of the veins inside the scrotum. These veins are found along the cord that holds up a man's testicles (spermatic cord).
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