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  • Scott
    With the caveat that I'm not a medical professional, and you should not rely on me for medical advice...

    Before you were born, your testicles developed up inside your abdomen, and they made their way down into your scrotum through the inguinal canal. It's normal during sexual arousal for your testicles to be drawn up close to the abdomen. Sometimes the cremaster muscle may contract more than it should and draw the testicle back partially into the inguinal canal. This is called a "retractile testis."

    You should ask your doctor whether it should be of any concern and whether any treatment is needed (which I doubt), but you can rest assured that it's not likely to be an indication of testicular cancer.

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  • swaino89
    started a topic Worried Boy

    Worried Boy

    Im just a bit worried as i dnt kno if the is normal. When a wank, my left testical seems to go, what i can only think is up into my bladder to release sperm, and then takes a few mins 2 come backto where it shud b. Im a lil worried about so can any1 enlighten me on if this is normal???