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14 Years Old And have advanced testicular cancer symptoms

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  • 14 Years Old And have advanced testicular cancer symptoms

    Ok well lets start out. I dont get enough sleep and I know that. So beggining 2 months ago. I got really aroused and precame without touching myself. I took a crap can my right testicle hurt when straining. I mean preety bad. Now knowing this I was in a cramped position when I precame. Next, The pain slowed down to a low dull pain which i could barely notice. Right off the bat of the pain starting I thought TC. I searched for hours and had all the symtoms of advanced tc. But why would the symtoms come on that sudden? So All that week I could still get a rock hard erection but I noticed Im getting semi hard erections and they dont stay up long. I had diarrea but that went away. I frequently urinate and the flow is weaker than normal. Im maintaining my weight. Havent lost any. Maybe even gained a few pounds. So after literally weeks of searching and feeling terrified i figured is prostatitis. I match that more than TC But i am still terrified and more so that i read prostatitis (Bacterial) can kill you if not treated. I dont really like going to the doctors obviously. But The symtptoms have gotten better altho I am a little tired and there is that vague feeling of being sick I guess i can explain it. I dont think i have a fever. Another thing to consider is I was just treated twice for a sinus infection. Whick I get preety often. I also thought It could be puberty and my parts maturing and hormones changing. Ive been in puberty a couple of years and Im starting to get a few more pimples. I also think Im worring too much causing this. But Again im terrified and I know this is not a prostatitis fourm. But any other thoughts? I also Masturbate anywhere from 4-5 times aday if that may be some cause?

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    Another symtom; My testicles have a sensation in them that lasts a few seconds and goes away almost like a tickle or vibration..


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      I do not see any symptoms of TC in your description. TC is most often painless & the biggest symptom is a lump on or irregularity of, the testicle.

      Masturbating 4-5 times a day might cause some difficulty with erections, you might want to give it a temporary rest & see if things improve.

      I suspect your worrying is the biggest part of your problem, but you should see a doc & tell him what you've said here & let him figure out where to go from that. It's impossible for us to tell you for sure if you have a serious problem or not, so even though you'd prefer not to, you need to see a doctor to be sure.

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        Buddy - wet dreams and easy "pre-come" are a normal puberty event, also think of the high use of your hand action might be some of the problems with you erection quality, have fun but may be lessen the action and this might improve the quality.

        It also are ill in any way you should have a chat with your doctor.

        Some self exam info can be found here
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          Get more sleep and stop whacking off so much.
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            Thank yall! Feel ALOT better as im not worring too much.