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  • about to tell parents

    i have had my right teste bigger than my left one for around nearly 3 months at first i thought i jst hurt it but it is still there. For the past week or so I have wanted to tell my parents and say to myself i will but as soon as I see them I then bottle it and keep quite and I find it very had to try and tell them. Also I have brothers and if they find out I think they many/will laugh at me. How do I tell them but not infront of my brothers ?

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    Wow, I would have thought you told them by now. Don't wait on this it could be very important. Please tell one of your parents today. Don't worry about your brothers, of course they will say stupid things, that's what you have them for.
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      its common 2 hav 1 teste bigger thn the other isnt it, thts nuffin 2 b worried about, thts wat iv read nayway, im not 100% certain. look it up


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        It may not be uncommon to have two of different size, but is it hard or does it feel heavy, or is it sore? Find a way to tell your parents privately. Don't put it off any longer. You really need to get it checked by a doctor. It might be nothing, but then again it could be TC. Let us know what you find out.
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          telling parents

          My Parents have been away for the past couple of days but they are coming back tommorw I shall tell them then.


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            May be common for one to be slightly bigger, but not significantly bigger. Please tell them next time you see them. Let us know how it goes. They are there to help you.


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              hey dude i was in the same situation about being embaressed, but just get your mom/dad away from your brothers and just sit down n tell her the truth, she is your mom and she loves you and she will understand and help you through this (doctor appointment etc.) bielieve me afetr i found out i didnt have cancer and it was a non dangerous varicocele i was soo relieved. i read somewhere "peace of mind is more important than shyness" and that really spoke to me. hope this helps and please tell you mom and get checked out because it can be dangerous. oh and one more thing my doc said that most of the time its not cancer and if it is it should be easily removed if caught early enough. so dont sweat it too much just GET INTO THE DOCS. hope everything is ok man. peace, good things.