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    Been here before when i was first worried about TC but now I have some interesing news.

    I have 1 enlarged testical that when light is shon through is translucent. i have heard that tc is opaque so does that mean im more likly to have a infection or something rather than tc, thanks

    btw im age 16

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    Hello and Welcome
    I don't think the light test is used much with ultrasound being the weapon of choice to see if there is any abnormal. Are you talking about a lump attached to the testicle that they are looking at?
    As for one being larger then the other that can be normal which is the good news. It can also be from injury or infection.
    If you are having concerns talk to your parents let them know that you think something isn't right and I am sure they will get you to the doctor if they have concerns. If your school is like mine was you will need a check-up before it starts so you might be able to kill two birds with one stone and get it done early.
    If you have any other question fire away.
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      How much bigger? Has it changed in size since you first noticed?

      The sooner you get checked out the better, it will give you peace of mind, or if something is wrong, you'll get it fixed.

      I recently saw a lump on my son, when I asked him how long it had been there, he said about a year. I freaked out. I could not beleive he didn't tell me earlier. We are very close. Luckily it turned out to be nothing.

      Tell you parents you want o get it checked out, then you can get on with being a 16yo, you shouldn't have to worry about this stuff