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i lost 1 of my testacles

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  • i lost 1 of my testacles

    hi there,
    2 years ago, i dont know for what reason, (i dont remember, i think something hit me over there) and there was bleeding on my right testacle (as doctor said) and later on in less than 10 days, it got cured on its own, but then i lost my right testacle. now i only have my left 1. what was that?
    i had pain only for those 10 days. please tell me what was that.
    i mastetrbate regularly after that. will i still b able to produce children?

    please reply.

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    Sorry to hear you lost your right one. I can only guess at what it could have been, but it could have been testicular torsion.

    I'm sure you will still be able to father a child with the one testicle you have left. A lot of people who have had testicular cancer and lost one testicle have fathered children after.

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