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  • Very Worried

    Hi all, the past week iv fealt some sort of discomfort in my right testical and feel that its heavier than my left, then i found a lump on the right side at the very end of the testical, im not even sure if its even on the testical but its about the size of a marble or smaller, doesnt hurt when i touch it, and i think i can move it around, Im going to see the doctor in the next few days, Any help would be appreciated, I get very nervosu when it comes to things like this, Also can anyone tell me what the other possiblities are for lumps in the testicals apart from cancer?, Thanks.

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    if its not even on it i dont think its cancer and my doctor said cancer is a hard substance not a soft one. mine was varicocele and i was really worried. here this may help

    I hope everything is ok have a good day.


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      i have exactly what you have... a marble sized lump on the side at end of the testicle .. whent to the doctor 4 days ago got my ultrasound
      turned out it was a cyst

      a cyst from what i know isnt that dangerouse and can be removed...

      mine is painful it saids pains all the way to my leg

      im thinking of getting the cyst removed...