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  • Slightly worried..

    Hi guys this is my first post.

    Im a 16 year old male, and I've got a tiny little 'lump' on my left testicle thats been there a while. It's on the 'top' of my testicle, I'm not sure it's cancer, but I'm wondering if I should maybe have it checked out. The thing is, it doesn't really feel like a lump, and I cant seem to ind any similar descriptions from anyone else, it feels like its actually part of my testicle, which has kind of been damaged.

    Can anyone relate to this, or does anyone know what may have caused it??

    Thanks a lot, in advance.

    Oh, and I'm also worried more by the fact that last year, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and has recently just finished her treatment. Do you think this could have anything to do with it?

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    Hey Freddo, WELCOME!

    It's great that you are exploring options as to why this lump is hanging out on your body. Do you notice the lump to be inside the testicle or on the outside? The only way you will feel completely relieved is to visit a Urologist - many people, including myself when my boyfriend noticed his lump, tend to seek out information to confirm that they are OK rather than finding out the most accurate answer from an expert, in this case a Urologist. That would be the best advice I can give you in this situation. Are you experiencing any dull pain in the lower abdomen or back?

    Hope everything works out - keep us posted!


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      Hi, Freddo. I'm sure your mother's treatment has something to do with your being worried, but nothing to do with your lump.

      Can you say more about what you meant by "kind of been damaged"?
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