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  • Quite worried now

    i may only be 14 years old but over the past couple of weeks i have realy sufferd alot with pain in my right testicle, today was one of the worst days and i could hardly even walk because of the pain i asked my brother and he said its just growing up but i dont see anyone else suffering in school and he said you have a lump near your testicles anyway but thats just a ball of vains and it feals like it to how does it feal when you have tesicular cancer..and i always get worried thinking i do have cancer to but ever time i try to chek i carnt even touch it without screaming in pain and i havnt been hit or anything to cause it to bruse but at my age i dont think you wanna just go and show your mum your testicle to chek it out and i deffinatly dont wanna go see a docter because i went t see one when i was younger about this same thing( about 5 ) , and all they do is squeeze your tesicle realy hard and its horible.

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    Testicular cancer isn't usually painfull, and neither is growing up (emotional pain yes, physical no). You probably have an infection but get it checked by a doctor and let him give you something to clear it up. Write back and let us know what you find out.
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      I would tell your mom that you are having some really bad pain down in that region and that you think you should see a doctor... Dont be afraid to tell her, I'm sure she'll be very happy that you were able to talk to her about it.

      When you see your doctor, he shouldn't squeeze your testicle, but just feel around and check it for abnormalities. It could definitely be something other than cancer, so try not to worry too much right now. THe best thing to do is to tell a parent and get to a doctor.

      Now, you said you had the same thing a few years back? What exactly did they say it was back then?

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        It's very important to tell a parent and get to a doctor. As others have said, it isn't likely to be cancer, but it does need medical attention immediately.
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