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    hey im 17 and about 6 months ago found a lump on the end of my testical. i couldnt find anything on the actual testical just at the end. this is a bit embarrasing but also when i masturbate i get a bit of pain. any information would be much appreciated.

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    Most lumps or bumps are cysts or calcium deposits. I would go to the doctor and let him make an exact determination as to what it is.
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      Go to the doctor bro, just to be safe. As was said by dadmo, most abnormalities that you can detect are NOT cancer. But...if it is cancer the earlier it is found the easier the cure. You can save yourself some very rough stuff like chemotherapy if the cancer is removed early enough. Also, FYI they make fake testicles that look like the real thing these days.

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        If you found a lump... go to a doctor as soon as possible, insist on an ultrasound and blood test. It may be a bit uncomfortable and/or embarrassing, but if you have t/c it's best to find out early. The cure rate is pretty close to 100% if they catch it before it spreads... after it spreads, of course your odds of being cured go down.