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  • Rune
    It could be an infection, but it's impossible to tell over the Internet. I strongly suggest you get it checked out by a doctor.

    It's probably nothing serious, but you need to know for sure and if it is an infection, it can be treated effectively with antibiotics.

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  • schmoe
    started a topic Painful


    Okay im 15 y/o just recently i have been having pain coming from my right testicl it hurts when i touch it on the bottom top sides everywhere. I dont want to tell anyone becasue ive had this before it lasts a few days and i dont feel it again but its been 5 times now and im getting slightly worried. Does this happen to everyone?

    Also sometimes when i go to the toilet like it hurts when i urinate like bofore and a few seconds into it but then it slowly goes away. I try to make myself believe its the remaining sperm from when i masturbate.

    n e ideas?